NVerzion Announces Integration of Bluefish444 Video Cards In New NFINITY Broadcast Video Server

SALT LAKE CIT, UT— NVerzion is proud to announce that our upcoming NFinity broadcast video server will support Bluefish444's Epoch 4K Supernova S+, Epoch Neutron LP and Epoch Supernova CG.

NFinity is designed from the ground up with the needs of small and medium market broadcasters in mind. We make our hardware decisions carefully with the goal of providing the utmost functionality and flexibility at a very competitive price point.

“NVerzion have developed a state of the art broadcast video server for multi-channel SDI and file based workflows for broadcasters” said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish444. "NFinity broadcast customers can take full advantage of the extensive Bluefish444 feature set adopted by NVerzion and rely on our industry proven SDI stability and quality.”

We've chosen these Bluefish444 products specifically to give our customers flexibility and function at any price point:

Bluefish444's Epoch Supernova 4K S+ is a top of the line 4K video card. It features 4 independent SDI I/O channels configurable as 4K, 3G, 2K, HD, or SD. Includes an additional 5th BNC for SDI monitoring and a dedicated sixth genlock BNC. Sports a 12-bit processing pipeline for all 8/10/12 bit video modes. The whole Epoch line is designed to provide the lowest latency and highest image quality.

The Epoch Neutron LP is a compact 2K/HD/SD video capture and playout card that packs a punch. It Features three 1.5G SDI I/O channels, low latency hardware video keyer, 12 bit processing , and HDMI monitoring output.

The Epoch Supernova CG is a customizable 1.5G card designed for a 2K/HD/SD workflow. With 4 bi-directional SDI channels, the Epoch Supernova is a highly reliable, low latency video capture card that provides flawless image quality. Compact and efficient, the Supernova provides 4 additional I/O channels while remaining cost and processor efficient.

The Australia-based manufacturer has been providing the highest quality video capture and playout cards to the broadcast industry since 1998. We are excited to be incorporating their quality hardware in our next gen video server.

Winner of last year's TV Tech Magazine Best in Show Award, Bluefish444 is considered the professional's choice for video I/O by virtue of the quality, stability, and features of their products and strong developer support.

For over 25 years, NVerzion has provided broadcast automation solutions to television stations around the world. For product inquiries contact sales@nverzion.com, for more information visit us online at www.nverzion.com