NControl (MC)

Transmission Playlists

NControl (MC) transmission playlists interface with master control and/or routing switchers for seamless on-air scheduling. NControl (MC) uses built-in features to interface with a variety of master control switchers across a serial connection to fire relays and trigger different switches to contol all of a master control switcher’s activities while also managing, and airing, video tape or server-stored content. The system supports multiple playlists for continuous playout directly from the master playlist, or from lists built in advance by the network-attached traffic system.

NControl (MC) datasheet

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Cut, copy and paste blocks of events Recalculates schedule time remaining as changes are made
Generates as-run logs for traffic system and reconciliation Enables playlist modification at time of transmission
Modular architecture Configurable user interface
Supports single server playlist or full station control  
Built-in playlist editor