Automation Solutions

Solutions to manage the business of broadcasting.

Today’s complicated broadcast workflows require operators to manage a growing number of asset types and process them through an almost constantly evolving equipment landscape. NVerzion’s software-based automation solutions provide broadcasters the power to manage the entire process – from Acquisition, to Preparation, to Monitoring and Playout – with efficiency, flexibility, accuracy, and affordability. Workflow

Offering the latest advancements in intelligent, reliable, and scalable broadcast automation and video content management software, NVerzion’s goal is to provide an affordable, long-term solution that will continue to grow with you.

Solutions to manage the business of broadcasting:
Acquire, Prepare, Present, Archive/Distribute, Monitor, Control, Asset Management, 3rd Party Interfaces

  • Superior design / integrated workflow solutions
  • More than 20 years experience of providing world-class integrated workflows

NVerzion has a variety of solutions to manage your content workflow, to bring content into a station, prepare it for air, and play it out to viewers. We also provide solutions to manage and view every element of your station's ecosystem, with our monitoring and control solutions. Nearly every NVerzion application generates or uses metadata, so NVerzion's automation solutions include a host of applications to help store and manage this data through automated content management.