Automated Content Management

Put your valuable content assets in the right place

In the video world, content is the most vital asset a broadcaster deals with, so establishing a well-organized, efficient, and cost-effective workflow to manage those assets is critical. NVerzion has a series of solutions that enable broadcasters to easily manage their assets, and the just as valuable metadata associated with those assets, keeping them stored, cataloged and available for instant retrieval. Workflow

Nearly every NVerzion application either generates metadata or uses metadata to perform its function, so NVerzion’s automation solutions include a host of applications, such as NBase and NView, to help store and manage this data.

NVerzion also provides a number of very powerful tools for the storage, movement, and conversion of both video and its accompanying metadata. Be sure to browse the links below for all the latest solutions to this key broadcast business driver.

Solutions to manage and view all the video assets in your station’s ecosystem.
Metadata / Database Management: NBase, NView

Archive / Storage / Distribution: XPansion, TeraStore

  • Automatically move and store video assets
  • Catalog, store and easily retrieve content based on its associated metadata
  • Everything you need to know about your content – safe, simple and secure