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Peoria TV Testimonial

“Recently, Peoria TV, the government access television channel run by the City of Peoria in Arizona, transitioned to an entirely file-based, HD workflow. We wanted to upgrade our old automation system to meet our improved quality requirements. Moreover, the existing automation system was not user-friendly. If I wanted to schedule a live broadcast recording, this could not be accomplished easily.

Before purchasing a new automation solution, we collaborated with other city governments in Arizona. They unanimously recommended NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS™) platform and CloudNine™ cloud-based video server over channel-in-a-box systems based on ease of use, increased reliability, and flexibility

NVerzion’s automation solution fit seamlessly into our file-based workflow, speeding up operations by handling a number of critical tasks, such as recording, HD upconversion, scheduling, playback, data transfers, and more. We are now able to deliver a higher quality presentation to viewers, while reducing capital and operational expenses.”

- Eric Rodriguez, video production and operations specialist at Peoria TV

OUTV Customer Testimonial


"At OUTV, the public, educational, and government access television station run by the University of Oklahoma, operational efficiency is critical. That's because OUTV is one of a few college TV stations that supports two major metropolitan areas in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, a campus housing facility with over 5000 residents, a continuous Web stream, and sports broadcasts.

Recently, our old automation system was proving to be ineffective at communicating with other equipment, causing on-air problems that kept our staff up at all hours of the night. NVerzion's CLASS platform features a modular architecture that offers a high level of reliability, simplicity, and redundancy, maximizing the efficiency of our-day-to-day operations while providing viewers with a high-quality television experience. We especially love the ease of use that CLASS provides. This feature is helps reduce the time it takes to train our student- and faculty-based engineering staff."

- George Franklin, Instructor and General Manager at the University of Oklahoma

KVHP Customer Testimonial


"During the recent migration to an all HD-infrastructure, KVHP, the Fox-affiliated television station in Lake Charles, Louisiana, wanted to replace its aging automation system with a future-proof solution designed to optimize file-based workflows. Ultimately, we needed an automation solution that offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, enabling the station to control a variety of third-party equipment while making a seamless transition to HD.

NVerzion's CLASS came highly recommended to our station from multiple users as well as our system integrator Heartland Video Systems. Since installing the platform, we’ve dramatically streamlined processing and playout of file-based content, simplified the organization of multi-service metadata, and eliminated manual segmenting, speeding up operations and improving our on-air presentation. In addition to increasing our operational efficiencies, NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions CLASS) has dramatically reduced our CAPEX and OPEX while providing a crystal-clear HD broadcast for viewers."

- Justin Toney, Assistant Chief Engineer at KVHP

WKNO Customer Testimonial


"Recently, our station was looking to replace a decade-old broadcast automation system with a more efficient, flexible, and reliable platform that offers compatibility with our existing traffic and archive systems. In addition to these characteristics, it was important we find a vendor with a wide installed base and solid reputation for warranty and support.

After meeting with NVerzion and a few competitors, it was clear that NVerzion was the leader in understanding and addressing its customers’ needs. In less than week, NVerzion provided us with a comprehensive automation solution, including a uniquely designed GUI that emulates our old system to minimize the learning curve for operators. The new platform offers a variety of modern enhancements, such as a BXF traffic interface to enable seamless two-way communication between traffic and automation with real-time updates. Furthermore, it provides complete control over a variety of third-party equipment, dramatically streamlining operations and lowering our capital and operating costs.

Thanks to the team at NVerzion, the integration process was the smoothest I’ve ever experienced in 30 plus years working in the broadcast industry."

Erwin Roman, Engineering Manager at WKNO-TV