Cityscreen-12 Improves File-Based Workflow With Dynamic Automation Solution From NVerzion

SALT LAKE CITY — May 12, 2014 —NVerzion®, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that Cityscreen-12, the city government access television station in Fairfax, Virginia, upgraded its NVerzion automation system as part of its migration to an HD infrastructure. NVerzion's Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) platform controls a wide range of third-party equipment at Cityscreen-12, providing the broadcaster with the flexibility, scalability, modularity, and reliability needed to get content on-air more quickly and deliver a superior presentation to viewers.

"NVerzion automation completely changes how we operate — bringing simplicity, flexibility, and reliability to our file-based workflow," said Rachael Roth, cable TV manager, City of Fairfax, Virginia. "Prior to this upgrade, we were manually jotting down time codes based on where to edit recordings. NVerzion saw an area for improvement and suggested their Dyna Seg, a time-saving functionality that allows us pinpoint certain segments for editing on the fly, without stopping recording. Since the NVerzion upgrade, we've experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency."

As the public, educational, and government access channel serving the city of Fairfax, Cityscreen-12 broadcasts a wide range of programming, including city council meetings and work sessions, school board meetings, planning commission meetings, public service announcements, special events, city news, emergency notifications, and "The Fairfax Scene," a monthly news magazine-style show. During this upgrade to HD, the broadcaster installed new NVerzion automation hardware and software components designed to optimize the file-based workflow. The system, which was installed by system integrator Human Circuit, includes: NControl (MC) on-air playlists, NGest professional dubbing and recording software, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, NBase SQL media database manager, and EMC-NT Ethernet Machine Control for up to eight devices.

NVerzion's CLASS solution is based on an open architecture that enables Cityscreen-12 to support a variety of third-party equipment. The automation platform currently manages a Harris NEXIO AMP NX3601HDI dual output server, Ross Video XPression graphics system, AJA Ki Pro file-based recording and playback device, and Ross NK Series video and audio routing systems. By controlling all of Cityscreen-12's master control and playout operations, CLASS substantially speeds up the station's file-based HD workflow, lowering its capital and operating expenses.

The highly modular architecture of CLASS provides Cityscreen-12 with two major benefits. First, it guarantees the integrity of the station's on-air presentation by eliminating any single point of failure within its file-based workflow. Second, it dramatically simplifies upgrades. While Cityscreen-12 currently produces all programming in HD, it down-converts to SD for cable distribution and online streaming. When the station chooses to go all-HD, NVerzion's automation solution will simplify this process. Leveraging the scalability of CLASS, Cityscreen-12 can easily support additional channels and subchannels in the future.

One of the enhancements that Cityscreen-12 finds particularly useful is the new Dyna Seg functionality. The advanced software application enables Cityscreen-12 to designate in and out points within a live recording for editing purposes. This feature is very helpful during city council meetings, when there is a recess or closed session, as it enables the station to edit out parts of the meeting more efficiently.