PEG Channel Goes Hi-Def with NVerzion NFinity

With the industry's most trusted automation solution and the new NFinity Broadcast Video Server, NVerzion was able to simplify and modernize operations for a valued customer.

Dependability is the top priority at this station; the customer needs a system that will operate unattended for long periods of time. With the full suite of NVerzion automation software, and the reliable NFinity server, station techs just make a schedule and can count on things to be running smoothly when they return in the morning or after a weekend.

The install included a new 2-channel NFinity Broadcast Video Server with internal automation, graphics insertion, including full screen bulletin board, and VDCP external control. NFinity is connected to master control, and will be the main ingest and playout server for one channel.

A new development, one that keeps this channel on time while accounting for various program lengths, is the NCommand Router Switch. It's a compact software router panel that provides control of one system router, an ideal solution for "join-in-progress" situations.

The station also upgraded to the latest versions of NVerzion's automation software, which they have running on one workstation, including NControl, NGest, NTime, and NPoint Direct. The biggest reason this customer returned to NVerzion, as opposed to moving on to a competitor, is the customer service. Working with engineers that know and understand their needs, and who can customize the system to those needs, was an invaluable asset to this station.

About NVerzion®: NVerzion® is a leading provider of digital broadcast automation tools and video servers that streamline an operator’s entire workflow from acquisition to distribution and playout of content, reducing opex and capex. Based on a Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS™) concept that supports easy implementation into any existing infrastructure, NVerzion solutions offer users scalability, reliability, redundancy, and guaranteed interoperability with third-party systems. Powered by 27 years of engineering excellence, all NVerzion systems are also backed with worldwide training, superior customer service, and life-time engineering support.