KISS Your Scheduling Woes Goodbye: NVerzion Introduces New Cost-Effective Traffic and Billing System

SALT LAKE CITY — April 11, 2011 — NVerzion, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced the launch of the Keep It Simple Scheduler (KISS), the company's new traffic and billing system that addresses the needs of both television and radio broadcasters by enabling simplified and organized scheduling, billing, and accounting of broadcast orders.

KISS features an intuitive and simple-to-use interface and operates with, or independent of, NVerzion's popular automation platform. KISS simplifies the potentially complicated broadcast scheduling and accounting processes by offering a simplified approach to traffic and billing. By utilizing KISS, the broadcast salesperson can easily complete an order and forward it to the traffic manager, who then creates a daily schedule and passes it on to automation for implementation. Once the program segment is aired, KISS imports the as-run information as text files, which can then be edited or modified to include appropriate ad-rates for commercial spots.

Offered with a unique pricing structure that enables a station to own KISS with a single purchase at a cost-effective price, as opposed to most traffic systems that require recurring monthly and/or annual fees, KISS is an affordable answer to one of the more challenging problems stations face.

"NVerzion's automation systems have always been attractive to our customers because of the robust, customizable features we make available at an affordable price," said NVerzion's president, Scott Murphy. "Now with KISS, we're proving that broadcasters can have a first-rate traffic and scheduling tool without being burdened with a recurring monthly fee."

KISS also includes a host of additional options. KISS billing software automates and simplifies the creation of invoices for customers in the broadcast industry. It also integrates the customer, inventory, and run data with QuickBooks® accounting software to simplify the process of generating invoices and reports, virtually eliminating billing errors and improving client relationships.

KISS is fully integrated with NVerzion's flagship automation platform, which is built on a modular architecture that allows stations to easily specify a system to meet their needs. Besides automating control of the playout operation, the NVerzion system also provides complete database management across all applications, along with the ability to view, trim, or segment clips and even to create virtual sub-clips from existing clips.