Acquisition and Prep

NVerzion offers an array of software-based automation solutions designed to simplify the acquisition of baseband and file-based assets from third-party content delivery systems and get them ready for distribution. Using NVerzion’s acquisition and prep systems, broadcasters can quickly and easily manage the recording and transfer of content between devices as well as create, edit, and prepare single or multi-segmented video clips for commercial insertion, trimming, previewing, and editing.

NCompass NCompass

The NCompass software platform enables broadcasters to manage the processing and playout of file-based content they receive through a variety of content delivery systems like PitchBlue and Pathfire.

NGest NGest

Professional dubbing and recording software application for ingesting material from device to device - or from device to multiple devices.

NTime NTime

The functionality found in the NTime record scheduling application provides unprecedented freedom and efficiency for operators.

NPoint NPoint

NPoint is an ideal solution for preparing multi-segmented video clips in your video server for commercial insertion, trimming, previewing, or editing.