The World’s Only Fully Automated, File-Based, Syndicated Content Acquisition, Prep, and Playout System.

Our value proposition is simple: cut time and reduce operator errors by 95%. Instead of taking 2 hours to transfer a one hour show, ARAMYST will do it in 10 minutes.

NVerzion’s breakthrough product, ARAMYST eliminates file transcoding, the need for low resolution proxies, manual segmenting, manual trimming, manual renaming for traffic, eliminates a 3rd party software/hardware keyer for inserting local bugs, and, most importantly, eliminates operator error. You’ll never have to run an “evergreen” segment again because the operator didn’t finish prep work.

Aramyst Datasheet

An hour long program ready for air in just 10 minutes
ARAMYST can connect to any existing Automation System
A comprehensive ruleset
Find opportunities for bonus revenue
ARAMYST uses NFinityView