Device Control and Database

Being able to control all system elements in a file-based workflow is essential for broadcasters. Furthermore, broadcasters need a reliable method for ensuring that the systems are operating in harmony and a clear view of every single asset in the database. NVerzion’s device control and database automation software makes it easy for broadcasters to control third-party equipment, including video servers, master control switchers, routers, graphics systems, and traffic systems, while keeping databases up to date.


NVerzion’s EMC-NT solution enables the control of all system elements via a network-based protocol that simply links the operator to their workflow.

NBast NBase

NBase uses an SQL database to ensure that all applications have up-to-date and current metadata information.

NView NView

NView Database Viewer works hand-in-hand with NVerzion’s NBase SQL Database Manager to give you a clear view on all the assets within a given database.


CPIM is a gateway that provides 3rd party software a direct and immediate interface with NVerzion applications such as NBase Database Manager, XPansion Archive / Storage / Distribution manager, NControl playlist, NTime time-driven scheduler, NGest dubbing tool, and others.