FTP/Metadata Management Application

The NVerzion NCompass software platform enables broadcasters to manage the processing and playout of file-based content they receive through a variety of content delivery systems like PitchBlue and Pathfire.

As file-based workflow is rapidly becoming the norm in the broadcast industry — and the majority of commercial and programming material is delivered as digital files — the A/V files delivered by various content delivery systems are not always compatible with the video server. NCompass is the solution to this problem, streamlining the broadcast workflow and enabling efficient use of the delivered metadata.

NCompass allows stations to manage any content delivery platform with a single, common user interface, providing access to program metadata and enabling operators to take content directly from providers to the on-air video server.



NCompass Datasheet

Simple drag-and-drop manual file transfers Simplifies manual OR automatic file ingest

Set preferences for automatic processing of common tasks
- Automatic transfers
- Automatic file naming
- Automatic program segmenting

Time-saving, rules-based configuration lets you set preferences for automatic processing of common tasks
Interfaces with any destination server, transcoder or archive A common interface for all your content sources
Helps you reduce errors and duplicate effort