Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) Software

NVerzion’s NGuide software guarantees the integrity of the electronic programming guide (EPG), maximizing workflow efficiencies and cost-savings for broadcasters.

NGuide is the ideal solution for local broadcasters, community colleges, and government-run television stations that want to provide a higher quality of service for viewers through accurate timing and advance scheduling of programming but lack the funding to invest in a traditional traffic system.

Using NGuide, broadcasters can select multiple daily schedules to create a compatible text-formatted list that can then be published to an EPG Web server in order to optimize the accuracy of their EPG information. A variety of critical information, such as programming description as well as the date and time of day the programming is scheduled to play, is included in the final text file, which is viewable through a user-friendly interface. The entire process is seamless, efficient, accurate, and — most importantly — cost-effective for operators.


NGuide Datasheet

User-friendly interface ensures the accuracy of critical programming guide information Streamlines the creation of accurate electronic programming guide (EPG) information, resulting in increased viewer satisfaction
Compatible with a wide range of scheduling systems, including NVerzion NControl, for increased flexibility Offers a massive cost-savings over traditional traffic systems
Can easily be integrated into any existing broadcast operation