Online verification and video-logging application

NVero provides around-the-clock monitoring and logging of live video, providing the ability to verify video, using a standard media player on any approved PC, from anywhere on the network. Ideal for quality control applications, NVero can be an integral part of any playout workflow, allowing users to search for video by date and time it aired and view it via the network, by email, or via video logs when connected to the Web. At run time, NVero records all media by translating the supported NTSC or PAL aired video into a low-resolution AVI or WMF format. These files are saved with the cataloged time of day of recording. The rates at which the files are recorded are configurable and dependent upon the user's requirements and desired quality.

During the record process, NVero stores video in a cyclical loop, providing automatic backup of aired material in a time-based system. The cyclical loop is configurable to run for days, weeks, months, or even years, depending on the system's individual verification needs and capacity.

The NVero application includes a PC capable of holding days/weeks/months of logged material, depending on the configurable encoding rate. For systems requiring large encoding rates and greater storage, NVero can be connected to a digital storage library system via NVerzion’s distributive storage management software system, XPansion.

By coupling this with NVerzion’s automation acquisition software, NVero can be configured as a backup device for creating low-res copies of files that are being encoded in parallel.


NVero Datasheet

Simple monitoring and logging of live video feeds Easy solution for monitoring of remote sites
View video files via Windows Media Player on any desktop Enables convenient online and/or email verification
Configurable encoding rates, file length, loop duration Can create low-res backup to DVD, tape, drives, or servers
Supports both NTSC and PAL