Playout Management

Managing the playout of file-based video content can be complex without a flexible, reliable, and intuitively designed automation solution. NVerzion’s playout management portfolio interfaces with third-party master control and/or routing switchers as well as traffic systems, maximizing workflow efficiencies to enable seamless on-air scheduling.

NControl(MC) NControl(MC)

NControl(MC) transmission playlists interface with master control and/or routing switchers for seamless on-air scheduling.

NControl Monitor NControl Monitor

The NControl Monitor multi-channel playlist monitoring software creates an ultra-convenient graphical display of your operation’s schedule.

NConvert NConvert

NConvert is part of NVerzion's suite of products that converts information from third-party traffic systems for use with NVerzion automation system.

NGuide NGuide

NGuide software guarantees the integrity of electronic programming guide (EPG), maximizing workflow efficiencies and cost-savings for broadcasters.