Storage and Archive

Given the increasing amount of television content that is being viewed on various devices, today’s broadcasters need flexible, scalable, and affordable storage options that are effective at protecting valuable assets. NVerzion offers a balanced approach to storage that includes NAS, LTO, and disk options, enabling broadcasters to manage and secure content in a way that is efficient and cost-effective while addressing the requirements of full backup and disaster recovery deployments.

XPansion XPansion

XPansion is NVerzion's distributive storage management solution for nearline storage and long-term archive requirements.

NGenius NGenius

NGenius is a new open source storage solution from NVerzion that provides broadcasters and media companies with a reliable, local and cloud-based storage solution for preserving and protecting data.

TeraStore TeraStore

NVerizon's TeraStore nearline storage archive systems present an affordable, compact, scalable rack-montable storage option that's ideal for the growing content storage needs of broadcasters today.