Utilities and Monitoring

Knowing the status of various systems in the file-based workflow can mean the difference between staying on the air or — worst case scenario — losing a broadcast transmission. In the area of utilities and monitoring, NVerzion offers reliable monitoring, machine status, and control automation software that is guaranteed to keep applications running 24/7. NVerzion also provides a convenient solution for logging video material that has aired, a critical operation for any broadcaster.

NStatus NStatus

NStatus Status & Monitoring Software application provides increased peace of mind by monitoring specified applications and notifying operators when it detects any loss of communications.

NCommand NCommand

NCommand provides at-a-glance access to important status information of any machine operating on an NVerzion EMC network.

NVero NVero

NVerzion’s NVero provides a simple-to-deploy, PC-based solution that handles commercial and legal verification.