Monitoring & Control

Control it, watch it, verify it – all the access you need to everything in your facility

Any station operator, engineer or technician can tell you that everyone’s being expected to do more with less. Fewer resources, fewer people, and a “get it done now” requirement can stress even the most elaborately constructed system. The combination of more channels to manage and less people with which to manage them leaves only one real option – software. Workflow

NVerzion’s software-based workflow solutions provide peace of mind as they create opportunities for “at a glance” control and monitoring systems for even the most complicated hardware setups that can combine equipment from dozens of manufacturers.

NVerzion’s network-based machine control solution, EMC-NT, enables a robust interface with nearly any device, whether it’s a video server, cart machine, A/V router, an effects generator or a master control switcher – and 3rd party interface solutions let them all talk to each other, as well. And, you can watch it all in action with powerful monitoring and control apps that remove all the guess work, and even fix some of the problems they find.

The power of knowing is easily acquired – and the ability to control what you see is just a few clicks away.

Solutions to manage and view every element in your station’s ecosystem:
Machine Control – EMC-NT
Monitoring products – NControlMonitor, NStatus, NCommand, NVero
3rd Party Interfaces – NConvert, CPIM

  • No need to update hardware – software tools can help them all work together
  • Powerful monitoring and control capabilities keep your facility’s operation at your fingertips
  • Software solutions are built on NVerzion’s common platform – eliminating the fear of deployment nightmares