NFinity Broadcast Video Server

NVerzion's NFinity broadcast video server is a reliable, flexible, and affordable solution for video ingest, playout, and control. NFinity combines the power of a traditional broadcast vide o server with custom built NVerzion automation and control software, all in an easy-to-use pac kage. Control NFinity with the on-board applications or through external VDCP control.

Modernize your broadcast infrastructure with NFinity's simple and efficient file-based workflow . NFinity plays out all major video files in their native format without the need for expensiv e and time consuming transcoding, flipping, or re-muxing. NFinity is agnostic to video file fo rmats, and on-the-fly internal transcoding allows for seamless playout.

Provided sufficient bandwidth, NFinity channels can play files stored in multiple sub-directories on any number of storage or file systems. Add an unlimited number of channels without having to relocate material.

NFinity can be controlled locally, remotely, or with its fully functional VDCP interface (both serial and network), and can be controlled by all major automation systems.

Upgrade to the NFinity Premium package and experience enhanced features like our proprietary so urce switch technology, expanded built-in storage, and enhanced graphics package.

Everything you need to take your channel to air...

NFinity Broadcast Video Server
  • Up to 4 HD playout channels per box
  • 2 simultaneous record channels per box
  • HD/SD SDI US and international
  • Many video formats supported, inlcuding: AVC H.264, HVEC H.265, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AA C, PCM, GXF, MXF, and LXF
  • Bugs, banners, bulletin boards, crawls, text, and animated .gif
  • Closed caption supported, EIA-608/708 and CEA-608/708
  • Up to 16 channels of audio / SAP and multi-language
  • Multiple directories and file systems, even remote file systems
  • Frame accurate recording
  • Transfer and play material from existing server or archive
  • Responsive and accurate jog, shuttle, and jumping
  • Low cost of ownership
  • On-board record scheduler and playlist
  • Local and automation control
  • Redundant power and cooling
  • Standard 8 TB RAID-5 storage
  • Premium 6 TB SSD hard drive
  • Over 2200 hours at 8 Mbps
  • Full feature GUI per channel
  • File-based workflow
  • Network and serial VDCP control
  • Unlimited expandability

Including built-in easy to use NFinityControl Broadcast Automation Software:

NFinityPlay Playout Automation Software NFinityRecord


  • Simple playlist to control one channel of on-air server output
  • Schedule graphics insertions with each event
  • Run seamless playlists 24/7, with frame-accurate transitions
  • Optionally switch between incoming video and server content


  • Initiate manual recordings easily
  • Enter a clip name and duration, and hit record
  • Optionally control a VTR using serial transport controls
NFinityTime Ingest Software NFinityview


  • Simple record list to ingest daily/weekly feeds
  • Automatically replace daily/weekly recordings


  • Quickly playback recorded content for QC
  • Does not tie up a playout port! (on-screen)
  • Optionally connect PC speakers for audio QC
  • Edit on-board FX for on-air playout


  • Move and rename content to the local file system from external/remote storage
  • RIP most DVD formats to MPEG files

NFinity Datasheet
NFinity FX tools
NFinity Brochure
NFinity Automation Product Sheet
For complementary products and a full-blown automation package, also see NControl Lite, MC Router Control, and Xpansion.

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