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Convenience Packages

Our world-class products working together

NVerzion has taken its technologies and put them together to add convenience and affordability to the purchasing process. These collections of software and hardware solutions can help you quickly match your needs to an available NVerzion solution and get your system deployed and your channel(s) on the air as fast as possible. And, like all NVerzion solutions, each package is expandable – so your selection today can be expanded upon later as your needs change.

NControl Lite

The NControl Lite package includes video server spot-playout software package, control for up to 4 servers or VTRs, and PC hardware and support.

NControl Cuts Only

This package provides all the necessary automation tools to get your channel to air.

NControl MC

The NControl MC software & hardware package expands on the convenience and efficiency of the other NVerzion packages by offering access to your master control panel and graphics-related tools.

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