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NControl (MC)

Transmission Playlists with optional Master Control Switcher Interface

NControl (MC) transmission playlists are the central cog in the NVerzion automated playout offering and can interface with master control and/or routing switchers for seamless on-air scheduling.

Using built-in features to interface with a variety of master control switchers across a serial or IP connection, NControl (MC) triggers different switches to control all of a master control switcher’s activities while also managing and airing video or server-stored content. The system supports multiple playlists for continuous playout directly from the master playlist, or from lists built in advance by the network-attached traffic system.

NControl, conversely, controls only the router output and manages playout of live video or control of applications/devices connected to the network.

Both NControl and NControl (MC) support multiple playlists for continuous playout. The lists can be built in advance using a connected traffic system or directly from the master playlist. Users may also choose to control secondary events, such as audio playback devices for voice-overs, downstream keyers, logo inserters, and more — all from within the playlist.

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