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NControl Monitor

Playlist Monitoring Application

The NControl Monitor monitoring software creates an ultra-convenient graphical display of your operation’s schedules when it’s managed by NVerzion's NControl playlists. With the capability of displaying up to six NControl schedules, the flexible NControl Monitor provides an at-a-glance view of every schedule in your workflow.

NControl schedules can be configured to display the on-air schedule’s current time position and duration of what is currently playing from the convenient NControl Monitor dashboard. The configurable timeline shows what's next to air in a Gantt type view similar to that of a TV Guide. Missing material, and certain other errors, are indicted in a warning color. An optional name, or icon, can be added to help identify the channel.

A tab window allows you to choose one of the schedules being monitored and allows the same access to status, schedule names, editing and control as you'd have sitting at the NControl terminal.

Especially useful for centralcasting applications, where multiple playlists can be monitored and managed using a single NControl Monitor installation.

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