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Professional dubbing and recording software

NGest provides functionality that’s key to the content workflow — managing the transfer of material from one format to another, from device to device or from device to multiple devices. NGest takes material from a video source to video server, with a host of optional device interfaces all designed to make your system efficient and easy to control. Simply assign source, destination, encoding rates, and other clip specific values within a single intuitive interface.

Optional linking to NVerzion’s machine control application, EMC-NT, provides an easy interface with multiple file destinations and archives. NGest can even be configured to import a dub list provided by a facility's existing traffic system.

The utility and flexibility of NGest are further enhanced by optional router control available via NVerzion's EMC-Router application. The fully configurable GUI allows users to simply add up to four additional destinations to which assets can be sent — whatever matches the specific workflow requirements.

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