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Application Bulletin: NPoint Direct

NVerzion’s innovative software option, NPoint Direct, is a deluxe video editing and review tool that is, used by stations around the world as part of automation and control packages. This easy-to-use tool provides everything needed to trim, segment, create sub-clips; and keep a list of segmented clips with their duration, start, and end points. NPoint Direct also provides the functionality to add media events, text insertion and effects on the recorded files. This unique software tool saves thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for a dedicated video server port. NPoint Direct is a full-service editing and review solution made exclusively for broadcasters.

NPoint is an efficient solution for preparing multi-segmented video clips for commercial insertion, trimming, QA, or editing— allowing users to view video from any standard video server playout port. NPoint can access any file on a networked video server, allowing users to work from anywhere in their facility. When NPoint makes edits those changes aren’t saved to the video file itself, the start and end points of each segment are saved in the SQL database. And that information will be available to all Automation applications on the network.

NPoint and NPoint Direct are not different versions of the same program, instead they are two solutions built for different needs. For instance, an NVerzion customer recently purchased each program to do a different job. At this station, an instance of NPoint runs on the media acquisition workstation, and an instance of NPoint Direct runs on an isolated workstation for preparation and editing. In this scenario, NPoint primarily does quality assurance and prep work, while NPoint Direct performs editing, and graphics insertion, accessing the native files, eliminating the need for an actual video server port.

NPoint and NPoint Direct are configurable to meet the demands of your station. In addition, they can be added to NVerzion’s trusted CloudNine broadcast video server package. Both functionality and user interface can be modified to station operators’ preferences. Like all NVerzion products, NPoint and NPoint Direct come with legendary customer service and options for training and installation.

NVerzion continues to offer practical, reliable solutions without compromise, offering what matters most to broadcasters around the world: time and cost saving solutions, top of the line equipment, and world class service at competitive prices.

About NVerzion: NVerzion is uniquely positioned as one of the most enduring automation companies in the industry. NVerzion has been delivering quality products to the broadcasters for over 25 years Their goal is to provide products that improve on-air performance and reduce human error. For product inquiries contact For more information regarding NPoint, Click Here.

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