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After Stellar NAB Preview, ARAMYST is Ready to Save Stations Countless Man-Hours on Syndicated Programming

After an exciting debut at NAB Show 2018, NVerzion is proud to announce a revolutionary new product— ARAMYST. This groundbreaking product is the industry's only automated solution for the entire Syndicated content workflow. It cuts down time spent transcoding, trimming, and segmenting syndicated programs by 75%.

ARAMYST presents the user with a streamlined process based on a powerful set of rules. Once it's installed, NVerzion technicians work with station techs to define custom parameters that, once set, instruct the system to handle syndicated programming in exactly the way the user wants.

NVerzion has been conducting a straw poll of their customers to get a rough figure of how many man hours stations are spending on syndicated content. From what we've heard, the most efficient stations still spend 10–15 minutes transcoding and preparing 30-minute PitchBlue programs for air; stations with fewer syndication-dedicated operators can spend up to real time doing the same. Pathfire content easily takes up to an hour for a 30-minute program.

ARAMYST, on the other hand, can go from PitchBlue to air in 90 seconds, and at most takes 10 minutes for a 30-minute Pathfire show. ARAMYST looks ahead X number of days (specified by user) for your programming, grabs syndicated shows, renames them according to station conventions, and then segments them for air. The operator must only schedule a playlist with local commercial inserts. Even station ID is taken care of automatically. Stations never have to worry about rolling 'evergreen' again.

NVerzion's new system uses metadata provided by the syndicators to perfectly segment shows, and to ensure that the station bug rolls over programming and never over barter. Fully configurable, the bug goes in X number of seconds after programming starts and goes out X seconds before a bartered commercial. In addition, a station can roll a different ID on each channel, so ARAMYST can automatically play out syndicated content from one station to four different markets.

This automatic process is built on a new NFinity broadcast video server. It plays on 4 channels simultaneously, will play content from any networked storage, includes graphics and transitions, and plays almost any file in its native format.

NFinityView, NVerzion's powerful and easy to use Quality Control tool is included at no additional charge with ARAMYST. Without taking up an SDI output, this versatile tool shows the operator a graphical timeline of segments and media events, displays full resolution video, includes jog, shuttle, jump, reverse, etc., allows the operator to change segment and media event lengths, and even manage the media database— all from the same program.

NVerzion has been designing automation systems for the broadcast industry for over 29 years. This product is a culmination of years of researching the customer’s requirements and finding a cost-effective solution to the most challenging problem at a station today.

For sales inquiries contact or visit The ARAMYST mini-site for more information.

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