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NVerzion showcases their CloudNine Video Server, with Automation and Graphics Package to NAB 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — March 10, 2017— NVerzion®, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that the company will showcase their high-powered CloudNine video server at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the North Hall, Booth #N5631.

Designed to address the complex requirements of today's file-based workflows, the cost effective multi-channel HD/SD package includes NVerzion's CloudNine™ video server with built in automation, graphics, record scheduler and manual record apps, and much more, as well as a comprehensive customer support plan. By providing broadcasters with a cost-effective solution for acquisition, prep, and playout processing, NVerzion's CloudNine package increases file-based workflow and operational efficiency while maximizing flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

"Today's broadcasters are handling a growing amount of file-based video and audio content and simply cannot afford to be constrained by a channel-in-a-box automation system," said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing at NVerzion." At NAB 2017, we will demonstrate how broadcasters can dramatically speed up operations, eliminate scalability issues, and make simple workflow management upgrades with a best-of-breed solution. Our new CloudNine Video Server package offers easy integration into existing file-based workflows as well as guaranteed failure protection and redundancy, providing broadcasters with the most affordable, reliable, and adaptable solution on the market."

Leveraging CloudNine video servers at the station, broadcasters can simultaneously record and playout content from a wide range of third-party commercial and program delivery systems as well as update metadata. The server provides support for all major codecs and wrappers without any expensive transcoding, flipping, or re-muxing. CloudNine also includes simple, easy-to-use graphics capabilities, such as bugs, banners, bulletin boards, crawls, text, and animation.


Unlike other solutions on the market, NVerzion's server and automation packages provide unlimited additions and expansion modules, including: enhanced video recording and preparation tools, additional channel management, traffic interface, machine control, unlimited storage expansion and any combination of record and play channels.

NVerzion is also proud to announce a preview of the next generation of video servers— the new NFINITY video server. Utilizing the latest advanced technology, this new server will manage all of your stations requirements with ease at a competitive price.

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