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A Disaster Averted Just in the Nick of Time

KSYS, a PBS member station operated by Southern Oregon Public Television, recently replaced their aging digital video recorders with the new NVerzion NFinity broadcast video servers.

A long time automation customer, it was a natural step for KSYS to research NVerzion's NFinity Broadcast Video Servers to replace their out of date hardware. Then disaster struck— their old hardware unexpectedly showed signs of impending failure, and they had to scramble to keep the station live. Operators from Southern Oregon Public Television worked quickly with NVerzion engineers to install the new NFinity servers ahead of the untimely failure of the station's equipment. A crisis was averted.

Matt Boughton, IT contractor for the station, thanks NVerzion's legendary customer service in delivering the product to KSYS on short notice: "Thank you all again for the amazing job in dealing with that crisis. The customer service and follow through NVerzion provides never ceases to amaze. NVerzion consistently over delivers on their promises and provides the best customer service experience in the industry."

Not only have the NFinity servers kept the station on the air, but the station also reaps the benefits of a streamlined, feature rich, multi-channel server system and improved broadcast automation.

The NFinity servers allow for drag and drop media management without transcoding. The new promo tagging and “Next On” features integrated into the NFinity player with control via NControl has allowed operators to tag promos in HD on the fly, and removed the need for operators to pre-produce many daily break elements.

The upgrades to the automation software added new features that improved efficiency and reduced the workload for Master Control, producing a simplified workflow for operators and increased reliability for limited engineering staff. The savings in time and operator errors are amazing.

In addition to all the advantages this system offers, Boughton reminded us what they appreciated most:

"Customer service is the number one factor when choosing vendors. NVerzion has consistently delivered top notch technical support to us since we first purchased their equipment."

NVerzion takes great pride in providing affordable broadcast solutions and customer service for over 30 years.

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