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Jewish Life TV Replaces Legacy SD Hardware with NVerzion CloudNine

ATLANTA, GEORGIA 10/04/2017 - NVerzion, a leader in the broadcast technology industry for over 25 years, installed their trusted CloudNine video server platform as the primary broadcast video server at the JLTV studio in Atlanta Georgia.

JLTV “America's Chosen Network” is an independent broadcaster serving Jewish community as America's only 24/7 Jewish themed television channel. As an existing user of NVerzion's automation for over 10 years, JLTV knew who to call when they needed to purchase a new primary playout video server.

After demonstrating the product at NAB Show 2017, the JLTV staff decided to replace their legacy SD playout system with the more robust and reliable CloudNine video server. Offering HD playout in multiple file formats, the CloudNine video server has all the advantages this broadcaster needs, saving operators the time and effort of transcoding files, bringing the station crystal clear HD playout.

NVerzion staff worked with the station to integrate the new hardware into their existing NVerzion automated workflow. This was certainly impressive since the technical staff at JLTV was able to install and commission the new CloudNine video server themselves, saving time and money. The CloudNine video server is now playing out as the primary broadcast video server for JLTV's North American feed.

As always, with NVerzion's best of breed products, comes unrivaled customer service, and continues for the life of the product with 24/7 customer support. NVerzion's legendary service is the number one reason why our customers continue to depend upon these products.

Adam Blazer, from JLTV's board of directors, told us "NVerzion has been our automation provider for a decade. We decided to look at NVerzion’s other solutions because of our trust in their products and their incredible customer service."

NVerzion continues to offer practical, reliable solutions without compromise, offering what matters most to broadcasters around the world: time and cost saving solutions, top of the line equipment, and world class service at competitive prices.

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