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John Cerquone Set to Represent NVerzion in the Northeast

Salt Lake City, UT - August 22, 2019 - NVerzion, a global leader in broadcast automation and video server solutions, has announced its most recent addition to the U.S. sales representative team.

John Cerquone is well-known in the broadcast television industry as a sales professional with over 27 years’ experience in developing and maintaining client relationships.

Based in Manhattan, Cerquone owns and operates CER-TEC Inc. and represents a complete line of broadcast television and audio-visual products that serve all aspects of the global broadcast and video industry.

Cerquone provides traditional and cutting-edge technology solutions for online video and new digital media products to television, radio, and cable networks and stations, as well as production facilities, corporations, and government entities throughout the New York City/Northeast and Middle Atlantic areas and beyond.

Director of sales for NVerzion, Reed Haslam, said, “John is coming aboard at just the right time. We are expecting CER-TEC to fill the void in the Northeast with its marketing and sales experience. Our product lineup is expanding, and customer demand is increasing.”

Cerquone’s qualifications include extensive experience in strategic marketing, project management, and competitive product positioning. He is also serving his third term as secretary/treasurer of the New York section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

“We ensure that each deal gets done right by being involved from the start to finish,” Cerquone said. “This means serving customers and manufacturers before, during, and after the sale.”

CER-TEC brings additional value to its clients by understanding and conveying technological aspects of the products and services from NVerzion in order to fulfill customer demands.

Press Contact

Reed Haslam

Director of Sales

(801) 293-8420

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