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NVerzion Expands Product Lineup With New NDelay Dual Time Delay Server

Salt Lake City, UT - Augutst 22, 2019 - NVerzion, today announced NDelay Dual™, a new time delay server that provides discrete dual channels of SD or HD video with up to 16 embedded audio channels in one 3RU rack-mount chassis.

Perfect for time-zone shifting applications as well as profanity delays, the NDelay Dual includes redundant power supplies and a shared 4 terabyte SATA data drive. The NDelay Dual enables broadcasters to record and play with a nearly unlimited set-and-forget delay ranging from seconds to several days. In addition, broadcasters can perform the valuable ROCKY MT Delay by pausing the playback so they can insert local commercials in prime time.

"NVerzion is constantly seeking to enhance the functionality of its master control broadcast video servers and automation systems to meet the needs of next-generation broadcast environments," said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing at NVerzion. "A robust, two-in and two-out time delay device, NDelay Dual will be able to free up rack space, provide backup security, and deliver flawless time-shifted, independent streams for nearly any application. The NDelay Dual comes with an i7 six-core 3.2 gigahertz CPU and 32 gigabytes of memory.”

NDelay Dual utilizes a user-friendly graphical user interface and simplifies setup of multiple time delays, allowing for single-frame precision to ensure seamless on-air processing of the broadcast content. NDelay Dual can easily be integrated into an existing file-based workflow to increase the operator’s efficiencies while reducing capital and operational expenses. On-the-fly changes can be made easily and efficiently, should the playout delay circumstances change.

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