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PMI Pittsburgh Upgrades Production with CloudNine Broadcast Video Servers

At PMI-TV, a syndicated television distribution company headquartered in pittsburgh, PA, NVerzion engineers replaced an aging video server system with brand new CloudNine broadcast video servers.

PMI needed to replace their broadcast on-air video servers when the manufacturer discontinued support. But they also needed the new video servers to work with their existing automation system. NVerzion was able to design a solution that incorporated the new CloudNine video servers in place of the old ones without disturbing theirworkflow.

For example, PMI needed the CloudNine video servers to interface directly with network components, such as flip stations, Aspera Connect servers, and EditShare central storage systems, without having to do any special export or import processes. This means fast and easy video conversion.CloudNine video servers offer direct playback of many file formats, such as -MXF, GXF, and MOV without transcoding. That saves the time and trouble of handling media files, resulting in the more efficient use of station resources.

PMI converts a lot of video tape to their file system using VTRs, and the CloudNine video servers are excellent for capturing master content from tape. They allow station personnel to perform a detailed QC on the captured content, and then export the file over their network. The video servers interface directly with the central storage system, allowing for easier transfer without having to tie up editing workstations.

None of the above-mentioned advantages can be described as coming "off the shelf." With the CloudNine broadcast video server there is no box, instead the NVerzion team worked with station managementbefore filling the order to design a solution specific to PMI.

Ed Fraticell, VP of Technology, had this to say about working with NVerzion: "[One thing] I would like to mention is the feeling you get when dealing with NVerzion, both in sales before the purchase and technical support after. With other manufacturers I have dealt with in the past, I definitely felt like an insignificantly small customer and did not get the attention I thought we should get, considering the amount we had to pay for their systems. With NVerzion, I get the feeling their people care about our issues, even if we are a small company. That says a lot for a manufacturer, I think, in this “off-the-shelf” business environment we experience these days, when customer support is non-existent, or difficult, at best."

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