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Tiso Blackstar TV Modernizes Operations with CloudNine Broadcast Video Server


NVerzion, a worldwide broadcast technology leader based in Salt Lake City, Utah, today announced the completion of a complete redesign of Tiso Blackstar television’s automation and server equipment compliment in Johannesburg, S.A.

NVerzion is replacing their existing end of life video servers with CloudNine video servers for their Business Day TV live production as well as CloudNine video servers for their lifestyle channels Ignition TV and The Home Channel.

The stations are utilizing two NVerzion Automation workstations running 3 channels to air. Our two multi-channel CloudNine video servers are running HD and PAL format SD. The station requires the ability to FTP in files from various external devices in several different file formats. The CloudNine video server receives and stores all files in their native format thus eliminating the need for transcoding.

NVerzion divided the playouts so that each playout on CloudNine video server is simultaneously rolled on the other CloudNine video server as a backup. NVerzion installed RAID N, and added a backup sub-directory to each CloudNine video server storage. The advantage of RAID N is that it mirrors data in specific sub-directories instead of an entire drive, and that it will mirror data to many locations, including file systems on other devices.

Each automation machine at Summit has its own NBase running on it. NBase is the core module of NVerzion’s automation software system, providing a means to maintain a wide variety of media related metadata and share it with all applications running on the system. NBase uses an SQL database to ensure that all applications have up-to-date and metadata information. Since applications “register” with the system, any application running automatically notifies NBase whenever a modification is made and then NBase automatically notifies the rest of the system applications.

Christo Bosman, chief engineer of Tiso Blackstar television said, “NVerzion's automation and video servers have already proven to be incredibly reliable and is saving capital and operating expenses, while still allowing us to deliver high quality television to South Africa”.

Ricardo Reddy, the assistant chief engineer added, “NVerzion delivers a highly refined but simple system with uncompromised performance and the flexibility to work with a variety of legacy equipment and multiple formats seamlessly.”

As television stations around the world strive to become more competitive through new equipment cost savings as well as increased performance, NVerzion continues to offer practical solutions at competitive prices and more reliability without compromise.

About Tiso Blackstar: Tiso Blackstar Group is a global company with its roots in Africa, operating market-leading media, broadcast and retail marketing properties. The group has strong exposure to the rapidly growing digital, broadcast and mobile markets, with a leading position in South Africa and a broad footprint across Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. The company is South Africa’s largest national English publishing group, the second largest digital publisher, owns the largest music and independent film catalogues on the African continent and operates unique TV channels.

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