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WQLN Upgrades Their Broadcast Facility With Additional NVerzion NFinity Video Servers

Salt Lake City, UT - June 29, 2021 - WQLN PBS NPR of Erie, PA, has upgraded their broadcast facility with two additional NVerzion NFinity Video Servers for content recording and playback. The station’s four playout channels are dedicated to their four existing broadcast channels, while the record ports are being utilized for satellite feeds from incoming programming networks, along with PBS Six content associated with these services. The new equipment is interconnected to the existing NVerzion automation system. WQLN currently maintains two HD channels, consisting of the primary and children’s channel, and two SD channels, all set up as 16x9. Two of the playout ports are configured for 16x9 SD and two are configured for 16x9 HD (1080i HD).

Prior to WQLN’s master control re-configuration in 2009, the facility’s servers were dedicated to SD and HD respectively, with essentially one channel configured for SD and HD each. Two additional channels were added later, maximizing the server’s capacity. However, issues developed such as record ports being used as playout ports, along with confusion regarding accurate content in specified locations. The NFinity Video Server now allows the recording, playback, and quality control of programs simultaneously without worrying about the outcome.

The system also integrates existing NVerzion equipment, allowing the operation to segment programming without video server port conflicts. Using NVerzion’s NFinity View, the station is able to segment and quality control programs on a separate PC without tying up additional video server ports, and as a result, minimizing costs in equipment integration. The NFinity Video Server also integrated with WQLN’s existing file types, with no transcoding conflicts or other issues commonly associated with video file management. Ultimately, hardware configuration was streamlined, with very little equipment management required beyond minimal patching and re-wiring; designating the correct ports and signal pathways in the router and master control for consistency.

As a small broadcast facility but with considerable influence, WQLN maintains a talented and dedicated staff focused on multiple roles within the operation. “I’m the only staff member focused on engineering and broadcast facilities, so considering how well everything ties together in our station, the NFinity Video Server just works,” said Aaron Coseo, Director of Engineering and Media Operations. “We’ve been using full channel automation since 2009, and there insn’t a problem unless the wrong information is fed into the system.” NVerzion products have been a part of WQLN’s infrastructure for nearly two decades, with a strong customer service presence and commitment during that period.

“WQLN is a great testament and example of NVERZION’s loyalty to all our customer installed base. It’s extremely important to provide our customers with the depth of understanding, thoroughness and timeliness of each project,” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. “When WQLN contacted me and explained their Video Server situation, they were in need for a quick-turn replacement. That same day, they had an accurate pricing quote from NVERZION. WQLN immediately understood what they would be getting, and ordered the following day. The new NFinity Video Server product was shipped within ten days.” To learn more about NVerzion’s Video Server and how it can streamline existing content record and playback operations, please visit

Serving the Lake Erie region, WQLN PBS features educational children’s programming, arts, history, and documentaries, along with balanced and objective news from PBS. The facility’s second and third TV channels, Create and World, showcase the best DIY and public affairs programs anywhere on public television. In addition to their television broadcast, WQLN NPR is the region’s source for trustworthy news and a wide array of musical styles, along with pop-cultural coverage, interviews, and passionate storytelling, and a vast amount of locally-produced programming. WQLN also reaches out to those vested in children’s education—parents, teachers, and the community at large—by providing family literacy workshops and community events that bridge the gap between the classroom and the home.

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