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WVUT Enhances Broadcast Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Automation Hardware and Software Upgrades

Salt Lake City, UT - October, 2023 – WVUT has recently advanced its broadcasting capabilities by upgrading their facility with NVerzion’s Automation system along with a comprehensive software update. Among the notable advancements, WVUT has successfully integrated NVerzion's Automation into three of its primary channels, overseeing seamless control of the Imagine™ router and server. In conjunction with these advancements, the facility utilizes the Myers/ProTrack™ traffic system, seamlessly interfaced with NVerzion, further enhancing the efficiency and precision of their broadcast operations.

For WVUT, one of the most important aspects of NVerzion’s Automation system is its unwavering reliability and exceptional support. Over the course of nearly 25 years in operation, NVerzion's software has exhibited remarkable resilience, operating with minimal flaws. Furthermore, the responsive and immediate support provided by NVerzion has been instrumental in swiftly addressing and resolving any issues that have arisen, further solidifying the partnership's success. NVerzion's Automation system successfully integrated with WVUT's pre-existing hardware, a challenge made possible by the proficiency of the NVerzion team, who quickly adapted to the station's unique components and configuration.

Exceptional customer service and support are of paramount importance to WVUT, especially as the station welcomed new engineering personnel who were initially unfamiliar with NVerzion's product offerings and support infrastructure. This invaluable support proved instrumental in not only acclimating the new team to NVerzion's equipment but also in significantly expediting the learning curve associated with our automation system.

“When the decision was made to proceed with the master control upgrade, we directed our attention almost exclusively on the NVerzion system because of their reliability and the quality of their support,” said Jim Bowers, Director of Engineering at WVUT. “During our 20 plus years of experience with NVerzion they have always been immediately available and stellar with working through any issues we’ve ever had to face.”

“It is very rewarding to have an installation such as WVUT for over two decades, which says a lot for them to take advantage of our latest technology, said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. Our Automation solution will offer WVUT an exceptional end result and a great continued relationship going forward.”

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About WVUT

WVUT (channel 22), branded on-air as Vincennes PBS, is a PBS member television station in Vincennes, Indiana. WVUT actively engages the community through creative content and services that respond to local needs and interests. WVUT offers original programming, a major commitment to news, and compelling programs that strive to emphasize current issues. Vincennes PBS is also used as a training ground for future broadcasters.

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