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WXXV/Morris Multimedia Enhances their Broadcast Operation with NVerzion’s NFinity Video Servers and Automation System


WXXV of Gulfport, Mississippi acquired NVerzion’s full automation system, along with NFinity playout servers and full automation layer. The package includes a hybrid and mixture of professional software tools including EMC-NT, NGest, NTime, NFinityView and NControl, devoted primarily to playlist execution within Morris Multimedia’s multi-program station operation. The facility uses a router core for automated baseband switching, controlled by the NControl playlists.

NVerzion’s Automation communicates with the station’s traffic system across multiple program channels to play and switch local and network content. The station also uses NVerzion’s NGest to generate and insert short studio segments as promo content for news cut-ins. The NVerzion Automation package is compact and robust, simplifying operations with newer streamlined features. WXXV has been happy with the support and service response whenever modifications or adjustments have been needed, greatly minimizing the workload during the on-air operation.

Seamless Traffic system import was a much-needed addition to the process and a key factor in the equipment acquisition. The traffic system’s log imports are now accomplished without additional effort, and with NVerzion’s conversion routines, log implementation is now completely automated and accessed on a routine basis. The converted schedules are available to operators who may need to view and manage the content at a more convenient time of day than previously allowed. The NVerzion system also allows automatic time re-calculation, as all calculations were manual in nature prior to the installation. Operators now know at a moment’s notice whether scheduling sequences are short on time, or over.

Reliability and support are two paramount features for Morris Multimedia. The NVerzion support team has taken a proactive approach by monitoring and intervening before potential problems present themselves, remotely responding to issues at any time of day. This benefit played a part in Morris Multimedia’s Network’s decision to utilize NVerzion in their expansion from just WXXV to 3 more stations, WMGT, WCBI and WDEF. Considering the geographical location of these stations, it has always been a concern if any station had to evacuate for severe weather-related reasons. NVerzion’s solution using the NControl Monitor software to remotely control any location, is remarkable. Plus, the hardware integration has been autonomous with the Utah Scientific routing system. NVerzion’s hardware and UTSCI’s MC4000 master control are configured next to each other in two side-by-side racks, allowing a very compact equipment layout.


“NVerzion’s partnership with Morris Multimedia has been sound, with any concerns or issues addressed in a timely manner,” said DC Ladner, Chief Engineer, WXXV. “The NVerzion system simply works, and their crew stands behind the equipment and our team in its operation.  For the past year, our station has been struggling to keep up with the fast-paced news environment and needed to find a more efficient, flexible, and reliable platform for News playout. Since our Master Control Automation and Video Server system is already a complete NVERZION solution, it made perfect sense to work with NVERZION for our news playout and archive management purposes,” DC Ladner continued. “NVerzion has provided us with a comprehensive system, while allowing the operators to utilize the latest software and hardware technologies that NVERZION offers with the NGAGE News Playout system.”

Morris Multimedia has maintained a relationship with NVerzion based on their trust in the technology, the equipment, and ultimately the direction the station group is looking to take their broadcast facilities. The group intends to implement NVerzion’s equipment within their new stations over the next year as the backbone of their master control operations.

About WXXV/Morris Multimedia

Located on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast in Gulfport, Mississippi, WXXV TV signed on the air February 14th, 1987 and became the FOX affiliate for South Mississippi. The station serves the 157th size DMA of Biloxi/Gulfport with 129,030 households. WXXV launched My 25, The My Network, April 10th, 2009 and launched NBC June 25th, 2012, and the Gulf Coast CW+ network on January 1st, 2015. With the addition of Defy Network on Sept. 1, 2021 and Grit Network on Nov. 1 2021.

Press Contact

Reed Haslam

Director of Sales

(801) 293-8420

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