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Tulalip TV upgrades their facility with NVerzion’s

NFinity Video Server and Software Management tools

Salt Lake City, UT - April, 2023 - Tulalip TV, of Tulalip Washington, recently acquired NVerzion’s NFinity playout server and inclusive software management tools. Tulalip TV representatives originally met with NVerzion at NAB 2022 in search of a system capable of managing multiple program feeds, live streams, and content conversion for their operation.

One of Tulalip TV’s primary goals was a move from 720P to 1080P, with eventual expansion to 4K in their broadcast facility. Station management moved forward with the purchase of NVerzion’s NFinity Video Server package based on cost considerations and its powerful upgrade potential over the next several years.

NVerzion’s system allows the facility to generate more advanced graphical signage with music beds; a build sequence that is important to Tulalip TV, and a process the staff felt limited by in the past. Operators are also happy with NFinity’s streamlined user interface, convenient library system, and simplified workflow.

NVerzion provided on-site assistance during the equipment implementation phase, integral in getting the staff and facility up to speed with all features in a short amount of time. On-site assistance was particularly useful during critical staffing periods when station management needed an easier learning curve during the new equipment acquisition sequence. Tulalip TV is planning additional expansion with new personnel over the next few months.

Tulalip TV can now move forward with additional channels with NVerzion’s NFinity Video Server, not possible with the previous system. The NFinity system also allows remote switcher operation with master control and gives the station the ability to display graphics and custom audio for extended periods after program conclusion. As an example, slides and animations containing localized notices can be auto inserted at various times following regularly scheduled programs.

The NFinity Automation Server provides greater control of break management, with options that weren’t available in the previous system. This includes quick file replacement, spot rotation, and advanced scheduling operations, now more convenient for station personnel particularly during periods of short staffing. Tulalip TV’s engineering is happy with NFinity’s integration with the facility’s existing equipment; quickly interfacing with Tulalip’s Blackmagic ATEM switcher, allowing the management of multiple inputs, live streams, and remote operations when needed.

Customer service and support is vital to the Tulalip operation considering the fast pace of the facility’s expansion and occasional hiring delays. Ongoing assistance is needed during re-acclimation to certain processes, and the station management is very happy with NVerzion’s unrestricted support offering. NVerzion’s support remains active as the team works through module usage and full implementation of the NFinity Video Server package.

“The overall organization, folder management, and integration with the existing operating system has been a big factor in allowing us to go forward,” said Cody Fay, Operations Engineer at Tulalip TV. “We’re able to utilize the library and Windows structure we’re used to, to cross-train, and quickly bring anyone else in without difficulty. The on-site assistance offered by NVerzion during the installation process was invaluable to the Tulalip Tribes broadcast facility.”

“Tulalip TV is a great example of NVERZION’s loyalty to all our customer installed base. It’s very important to provide our customers with the depth of understanding, thoroughness, and timeliness of each project,” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. “It’s really exciting to be able to offer a solid and reliable product for those that need a PEG channel solution. In most cases, you have to purchase a Video Server system controlled by an external Automation or management system. Not the case with the NFinity Video Server, our product includes a level of software control for manual and scheduled records, and best of all playlist software. This helps the customer to meet their requirements without breaking-the-bank.”

About Tulalip Tribes Broadcast

Tulalip TV provides programming to Tulalip Tribal members and households around Indian country. Tulalip TV’s programming includes Native American and Indigenous news and sports, live events, historical biographies, and more. All of Tulalip TV’s programming is culturally focused and entirely commercial-free. Tulalip TV’s offers around the clock programming, access to hundreds of hours of content on-demand, and an extensive, searchable library of programs and episodes.

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