Time-driven record event scheduling application

The functionality found in the NTime scheduling application provides unprecedented freedom and efficiency for operators. Working in conjunction with several other NVerzion tools, NTime powers the ability to create, edit, and implement a sequence of video events, including control of devices, and decide exactly when, and how often, those events should take place.

NTime’s 24/7 cyclical schedule enables the convenient scheduling and control of machines, routers, satellite dish/receiver, GPI/Os, delegation, archiving and more. And, these schedules can be created days, months, or even years in advance!

With versatile configuration options for both functionality and form, this system helps you create a diverse schedule to suit almost any need — with nearly limitless options for customization to your exact requirements. Schedule what you want to happen and when you want it to happen. It's that simple.

Easily switch a router input at a given time on a given day ... Automatically schedule a router to take a specific input and record a feed for a given period of time ... Move and set a satellite dish/receiver for certain parameters, switch the router, start to record, and set a delayed playout. Whatever you need done, NTime can do it.


NTime Datasheet

Take any source to any destination Schedule any machine or router from anywhere at any time
Schedule a single event or a list of events — hours, days, or weeks in advance Reduces errors by eliminating manual operations and saves time
Built-in schedule builder and editor Provides a simple mechanism to share scheduling, metadata, and as-run information with other applications
Traffic system interface
Drag-and-drop functionality from NVerzion's NView for playout
Easily links into supported satellite control systems to move dishes and tune receivers