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Broadcast automation tools serve a fundamental purpose - to help broadcasters optimize how they acquire video, prepare video for broadcast, and play video. Sounds easy, right? With NVerzion's comprehensive array of software-based solutions for TV master control, the process can be even simpler.

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NVerzion has been a leading provider of cutting-edge broadcast automation and video server solutions that bring increased efficiency and cost savings to digital broadcasting and television stations.

Featured Product

NCompass and NFinity Video Server
Automated Content Delivery

Introducing the next-gen file-based content player with built-in automation and quality controls. Powered by a 4-channel NFinity broadcast video server, the system plays all formats without transcoding.

NVerzion’s NCompass software and NFinity Video Server offer a fast, automated

file-based content delivery system, reducing transfer time to under 10 minutes

while minimizing errors by 90%.

NVerzion’s solution eliminates the following: time-consuming file transcoding,
low-resolution proxies, manual segmenting, trimming, renaming for traffic, third-party keyers, and operator errors, ensuring no unfinished prep work for “evergreen” segments.

Syndicated and commercial content playout has evolved from a complex scheme of transcoding, transferring, manual editing and segmenting to a simple one box automated solution.

The system adheres to traffic system naming conventions to automate file naming. It handles transfers, deletions, segmentation, and show preparation for seamless on-air playback. Prep a 60-minute show in under 10 minutes, solving the issue of spending 20 hours on 10 hours of syndicated programming. Avoid the losing battle of time and resources.

NCompass provides a Configuration/Rules solution for existing individual station contracts that allow selective overwriting of barter segments. Stations have the option to overwrite credits for a “squeeze credit” and generate additional revenue as a bonus.

News and Event Briefs

WVUT has recently advanced its broadcasting capabilities by upgrading their facility with NVerzion’s Automation system along with a comprehensive software update.

WTAT-TV of Charleston, South Carolina, has completed a full upgrade to their broadcast automation system by adding NVerzion’s NControl and EMC-NT to their local master control.

See NVerzion at NAB 2024 in

Las Vegas, NV.

April 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center


“The NVerzion team’s ability to break down and essentially describe their equipment’s complex
functions allowed us to work around smaller issues without additional calls. NVerzion’s team is able to convey operational features in a way that helps us to become more resilient.”

Chad Rummel

Information Technology Manager

Your Hometown Stations/WLIO

“The role of service and support is vital for us and goes back nearly four years prior to the equipment purchase. We knew that NVerzion was a very good fit after many recommendations and product evaluations. The integration of the NVerzion system with our existing hardware went very well on the technical side."

Bill Brown

Regional Video Engineer


"NFinity’s most impressive aspect is its ease of use. Students with no experience are adapting to this server in a learning environment while gaining a better understanding of video server configurations. NVerzion’s offering met Pepperdine’s needs more appropriately than any other system

Sergio Marquez

Studio Technical Operations Specialist

Seaver College Communication Division

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  • Where can I get equipment financing?
    To get financing, follow these steps: 1. Click “Ascentium Capital” button at the bottom of the screen. 2. Follow the steps when prompted. 3. Plans include Same Day approval withmonthly payment plans
  • What comes with NVerzion's Automation package?
    An Industry Leader in broadcast automation - 1. Powerful yet economical 2. Ownership cost that exceeds budget expectations 3. Customer Service and Support is second to none.
  • How do I get a quick quote on products or service?
    The "Get a Quote" button will put you in touch with a representative right away. You'll get information to assist in your equipment planning with absolutely no further obligation.
  • Common Questions - NVerzion
    Frequently asked questions often include inquiries about customer service, dealer representation, and financing. If you don't see a quick answer here, please use our contact form or support line for immediate assistance.
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