Broadcast Asset Management, Monitoring, and Control

Device Control and Database Management

Being able to control all system elements in a file-based workflow is essential for broadcasters. Broadcasters need a reliable method for ensuring that the systems are operating in harmony and a clear view of every single asset in the database. NVerzion’s automated device control and database software makes it easy for broadcasters to control third-party equipment, including video servers, master control switchers, routers, graphics systems, and traffic systems, while keeping databases up to date.


NVerzion’s EMC-NT solution allows you to control all system elements via a network-based protocol that simply links your broadcast operations to your workflow.

NBast NBase and NView

Making sure data is accurate is critical. NBase uses an SQL database to ensure that all applications have up-to-date and current metadata information, while NView provides a clear view on all the assets within a given database.


CPIM is a gateway that connects third-party software directly with NVerzion applications such as NBase Database Manager, XPansion archive, storage and distribution manager, NControl playlist, NTime time-driven scheduler, NGest dubbing tool, and others.

Utilities and Monitoring

Knowing the status of various systems in the file-based TV workflow can mean the difference between staying on the air or — worst-case scenario — losing a broadcast transmission. In the area of utilities and monitoring, NVerzion offers reliable broadcast monitoring, machine status, and control automation software that is guaranteed to keep applications running 24/7. NVerzion also provides a convenient solution for logging video material that has aired, a critical operation for any broadcaster.

NStatus NStatus

NStatus Status & Monitoring Software application will instantly increase your peace of mind by monitoring specified broadcast applications and notifying you when it detects any loss of communications.

NCommand NCommand

NCommand provides at-a-glance access to important status information of any machine operating on an NVerzion EMC network.

Storage and Archive

Given the increasing amount of television content that is being viewed on various devices, today’s broadcasters need flexible, scalable, and affordable storage options that are effective at protecting valuable assets. NVerzion offers a balanced approach to storage that includes NAS, LTO, and disk options, enabling broadcasters to manage and secure content in a way that is efficient and cost-effective while addressing the requirements of full backup and disaster recovery deployments.

XPansion XPansion

XPansion is NVerzion's distributive storage management solution for broadcasters that require nearline storage and long-term archives.

NGenius NGenius

NGenius open source storage provides broadcasters and media companies with a reliable, local and cloud-based storage solution for preserving and protecting data.

TeraStore TeraStore

NVerzion's TeraStore nearline storage archive systems are an affordable, compact, scalable rack-mountable storage option that's ideal for the growing content storage needs of broadcasters today.