Machine status and control

NCommand provides at-a-glance access to important status information of any machine operating on an NVerzion EMC network. In certain situations, depending on the type of machine, NCommand can even provide immediate machine control to the device. With a fully configurable GUI, NCommand adds a high level of convenience and utility to any NVerzion EMC connected automation system.

The information and control is dependent on the type of machine NCommand is currently monitoring — different types of machines require their own level of interaction and provide different types of information.

NCommand includes a highly configurable GUI, both in function and form, making it a very versatile and efficient part of your system's nerve center. Your system can simultaneously control as many devices as you can fit on your monitor, and a window can easily switch to another connected device through convenient drop-down menus.


NCommand Datasheet

Convenient graphical representation of all your connected EMC devices Convenient system monitoring from a single application
Configurable graphical user interface System can be located anywhere within the environment it's monitoring
Create alerts for system elements Create a control location from anywhere
Displays important system information at a glance Run your system manually or automatically